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E-commerce is the modern way to do business by using electronic devices or internet. The buying and selling of goods and services through the internet or any other electronic devices is the simplest mode of ecommerce. In traditional trading the consumer and supplier were approaching each other through their personal relations or visiting concern market. No doubt, such a mode of purchasing or selling was extremely safe and minimum chances to do or face any fraud, but still some cases were observed. In the 21st century the speed of life has raised up and we have a short time to perform any activity. The invention of computer, internet and advancement in telecommunication system makes it possible to visit, select and place an order for any product or services in a few minutes with some risk.

The first transaction of online sale was performed on August 11, 1994 in USA and that was the beginning of Ecommerce and after that a rapid growth was observed in all over the world. Although the beginning of Ecommerce in Pakistan was little bit late and that was started in 2001 with the establishment of Beliscity.pk by Abid Beli.

Growth of Ecommerce in Pakistan is slow but steady and consistent. Industrial Experts claim that the market volume of Ecommerce is about $25 to 30 million a year. The growth in Ecommerce market in 2018 was about 93.7 % an attractive figure was stats by the State Bank of Pakistan. The electronic trading is performed over the internet or by the aid of the electronic devices, so the number of internet users in a country is very important to estimate the growth of Ecommerce. The number of internet users in Pakistan were only 0.1 % of the total population in 2000 and very slow but gradual increment in internet users was observed as shown in figure - 1.


Figure – 1: The trend of internet users in Pakistan from 2000 to 2018


The Ecommerce industry was boosted up due to the availability of the internet 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. The impact of the advancement in telecommunication system was analyzed in the sudden growth in internet users in the last five years. The International Telecommunications Union lists the number of internet users in Pakistan were about 22.2 % of total population in 2018.

In Pakistan B2C (Business to Consumer) is more attractive as compared to the other modes of Ecommerce. In 2019 the Ecommerce is more feasible and mature market trend. The leading market company of Ecommerce is the Daraz.pk where about 9.3 million unique visitors visit the web every month. In Pakistan not only E-shopping is prominent but significant influence in transportation and real-estate sector.

It’s true, Ecommerce is young in Pakistan but has very wide and unlimited scope to grow in very near future. Some serious actions have been taken in government level to establish the Ecommerce in Pakistan. In 2018 MoITT formulated its Digital Pakistan Policy which, inter alia, provided for continued cooperation with MoC to formulate e-commerce framework/policy guidelines in consultation with relevant stakeholders. The policy framework for Ecommerce in Pakistan has taken solid steps to regulate and monitor the issues related to Ecommerce and will be very helpful for the consumer protection and taxation structure.

E – Governance is essential for effective governance and administration, and in Pakistan in addition to e-commerce, business through mobile technology is also growing rapidly, which is boosting our business in Pakistan. In Pakistan there is a wide range of e-commerce and most companies (of all categories) are moving to the digital world. According to a survey that 84% of organizations have an Internet account. Survey statistics reveal that 59% of organizations have an internal or server-supported web server and 67% of the organizations surveyed have a homepage.

Ecommerce in Pakistan 2020:

Since the arrival of 3G/4G in Pakistan, the e-trade enterprise has seen a chief upsurge. The growth has been so fast that Pakistan’s e-trade area is expected to achieve $1 billion in revenues with the aid of 2020. Part of this is due to the ever growing consumer base with get right of entry to to the net, which has crossed 40 million this year, and the creation of on-line income and gives.

Despite the overall disapproval of e-trade practices in Pakistan, thousands and thousands of capacity buyers go to on-line shops every month. Many key gamers have hooked up themselves as marketplace leaders but several new ones are attempting to interrupt into the web retail market

Daraz.Pk is without any doubt the market chief. Over the years, it has made the proper marketing and partnership selections allowing it to maximise its reach and enhance brand call recognition. Today, now not best is it the most famous on-line store but additionally a family name.

Numbers by no means lie and with nine.Three million specific site visitors each month, Daraz.Pk takes the top spot in our scores.

Thanks to a user-pleasant and tasty website design, Daraz.Pk claims common visit duration of 5 mins 6 seconds. Each vacationer, on common, perspectives four.Forty eight product pages on the e-trade store.?

Daraz.Pk manages to get multiple-third of its users through direct get entry to to its website, another proof of brand consciousness. Only a small amount of its consumer-base comes from Social media and seek consequences. Majority of the humans are both redirected from advertisements or referrals from different websites. A majority of traffic, who come to the internet site via a seek engine, are searching out Daraz’s website hyperlink.


There is room for improvement however numerous new comers are rapidly growing and gaining person accept as true with. It’s possible that some of them might even make it to the top ten list. Brand advertising will nevertheless be the deciding factor inside the e-trade game as Pakistani consumer-base is still blind to the advantages of online shopping.

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